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Crossing is a garment manufacturer based in Casablanca Morocco.

We specialize in casual products made fromDenim, Cotton, Cotton blends and various other fabrics. Our product categories include women’s wear, menswear and kidswear, with pants, skirts, jackets, shirts and casual dresses as our focus.

We take pride in our highly qualified, creative staff and modern equipment, with a focus on creating authentic fashion looks.Our promise to our clients is to deliver fashionable clothing based on high quality standards, at reasonable prices.


We dedicate all our resources to deliver and act as :

  • A trusted partner for our customers, by providing good, full package service, on-time delivery and a total quality guarantee
  • The best employer for our staff, by believing in the potential and skills of our team and providing the best environment for them to accelerate and achieve their goals.
  • An important investment for our partners by bringing innovation and ensuring continuous development of our products and by keeping our commitment to our customers.